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Finehope has a complete management mechanism. Since 2006, it has passed the ISO9001 quality management system audit and certification of the Swiss SGS Group for many times; in 2021, it passed the IATF16949:2016 automotive quality management system certification.

Finehope has a wealth of experience in cooperation with Fortune 500 companies, Caterpillar construction machinery in the United States, and STIGA, the largest garden machinery group in Europe, the world\'s largest second-hand forklift and forklift parts company, TVH, and the world\'s third Experience in cooperating with world-renowned companies such as the fitness sports brand STARTRAC.
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  • On the eve of the localization of adiponitrile: by-products to replace the hot product polyetheramine began to set sail
    Release on2022-08-11
    In the competitive state of an industry, the threat of substitutes is a decisive competitive force, and this kind of competition is easy to be ignored....Read More>>
  • Cool, sustainable, feature-rich polyurethane foam sought after in mattress market
    Release on2022-08-11
    Manufacturers say the mattress market is in high demand for high value-added polyurethane foam. They are adding features that today's consumers demand, such as cool sleep and sustainable foam as well as foam that offers a variety of health benefits....Read More>>
  • With innovation to the future, can Xilinmen reshape the world mattress pattern in the changing world?
    Release on2022-07-22
    It is the trend of the times that the national strength is enhanced, the culture is self-sufficient, and the rise of domestic products. According to "Baidu 2021 Guochao Pride Search Big Data", the attention of Guochao has increased by 528% in the past ten years. In the past five years, the proportion of Chinese brand search popularity has increased from 45% to 75%, which is three times that of overseas brands. In 2021, the sales of domestic brands of Douyin e-commerce will increase by 667% year-on-year; among the top 10 brands in JD.com's turnover, the proportion of domestic brands will increase from 60% in 2017 to 90% in 2021....Read More>>
  • Isocyanate-CASE industry chain bigwigs get together again
    Release on2022-07-12
    Global Polyurethane Network News: On October 27th, the 2017 China Isocyanate-CASE Industry Chain Status and Development Trend Summit Forum, hosted by Speedy Consulting and co-organized by Global Polyurethane Network, came to an end at Days Hotel Frontier in Suzhou....Read More>>
  • Evonik launches sustainable bio-based liquid polybutadiene POLYVEST® eCO
    Release on2022-07-01
    Through the EU ISCC certification (international sustainable development and carbon certification), the use of fossil raw materials has been reduced by 99.9% • Physical and chemical properties are exactly the same as traditional petroleum-based products, which can be directly replaced by customers • Used as raw material for adhesives and sealants or as a liquid rubber additive in tire production Evonik launches POLYVEST® eCO, a new range of sustainable bio-based liquid polybutadiene products. This innovative product line uses sustainable butadiene in its production, reducing the use of fossil feedstocks by 99.9%. "There is a growing demand for efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable products," said Dr. Jürgen Herwig, head of Evonik's POLYVEST® global business. "By developing POLYVEST® eCO, we want to support the transition to a circular and bioeconomy." Adoption The final product of POLYVEST® eCO is physicochemically identical to petroleum-based products. Sara Liébana Vi?, Global Technical Marketing Director, Evonik Reactive Sealants "For the customer, the biggest advantage of the new product is that there is no need to adjust the existing formulation," says Dr. As. "It's almost the most convenient option for reducing CO2 emissions." Evonik's POLYVEST® production facility in Marr, Germany received ISCC PLUS certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) earlier this year. This certification shows that the production process of the product is based on the mass balance method and verifies that the site operates in compliance with strict sustainable guidelines in terms of social responsibility, environmental standards and more. POLYVEST® eCO can be used as a raw material for adhesives and sealants in the automotive, electronics, construction and other industries, and as a rubber additive in tire production...Read More>>
  • 25 Most Valuable Chemical Brands in the World in 2022, 4 Chinese Companies on the List
    Release on2022-06-13
    Brand Finance, a British brand assessment agency, released the "2022 World's Most Valuable 25 Chemical Brands" list (Chemicals 25 2022), with BASF, SABIC and LG Chem ranking the top three. The top 25 brands on the list have a combined value of $59.1 billion. Among them, 4 German brands are worth US$14.9 billion, 5 American brands are worth US$12.3 billion, 4 Japanese brands are worth US$8.1 billion, and 4 Chinese brands are worth US$6.5 billion. 1 Saudi brand is worth $4.7 billion. A Korean brand is worth $4.3 billion....Read More>>
  • Evonik opens new polyurethane technical service and training center in Istanbul
    Release on2022-06-06
    ● New "Polyurethane House" in the Middle East and Africa will provide first-class technical services ● Labs and Centers of Excellence strengthen Evonik's position to unlock huge growth potential in the region ● The latest investments have spurred the development of new products that are at the heart of new digital initiatives for business lines....Read More>>
  • BASF's all-water foam polyurethane spray foam insulation material: Helps improve the interior air quality of Suzhou Jinlong's latest bus
    Release on2022-05-30
    ● Verified by Pony Testing Group (PONY), polyurethane (PU) foam meets stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) standards ● Improved flame retardant properties in line with new regulations implemented from 2018 (JTT 1095-2016*)...Read More>>
  • Yizumi's polyurethane surface technology solutions set off a new way of playing in automotive interiors
    Release on2022-05-23
    In recent years, under the upsurge of replacing steel with plastic, the automotive industry is trying to find new processes and technologies to improve the appearance of automotive trims. The simple injection molding process can no longer meet the new demands for color, touch, and intelligence of automotive trim products....Read More>>
  • BASF and BMW Group produce automotive coatings from renewable raw materials
    Release on2022-05-16
    The BMW Group is the first car manufacturer to trust more sustainable automotive OEM coatings certified according to BASF's biomass balance approach. The BMW Group has chosen to use BASF Paint's CathoGuard® 800 ReSource e-coat at its plants in Leipzig, Germany and Rosslyn, South Africa, and iGloss® matt ReSource varnish throughout Europe. Using these more sustainable versions of the product in automotive coatings could result in the avoidance of about 40% of CO2 per coat; this will allow factories to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 15,000 tons by 2030....Read More>>
  • BASF: Newly developed overmolded TPU for busbars provides more security for future traffic
    Release on2022-05-09
    BASF is expanding its product portfolio with a new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) developed for these busbar supports from its Elastollan® product range. Compared to standard engineering plastics, Elastollan® R 2600 FHF stands out due to its optimized thermal linear expansion. Its coefficient of linear thermal expansion is close to that of copper and similar conductor materials. This reduces the risk of cracks during temperature changes, thereby increasing safety standards. In addition, Elastollan® is halogen-free flame retardant and achieves a UL94 V-0 classification....Read More>>
  • Sinopec and BASF Lay Foundation for Nanjing Integrated Base Expansion Project
    Release on2022-05-05
    April 28, 2022 - Sinopec and BASF laid the foundation stone for the expansion project of the integrated production base in Nanjing. The integrated base is operated by Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF), which is jointly invested and established by the two parties in a 50:50 share ratio. The expansion project includes a new set of tert-butyl acrylate (TBA) plant and the expansion of several downstream chemical plants. After the project is completed, it will meet the growing Chinese market demand....Read More>>
  • Covestro expands its TPU film production capacity in Germany
    Release on2022-04-25
    Covestro is expanding the production capacity of its Platilon® family of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films, as well as the associated infrastructure and logistics. To this end, the company is investing less than 50 million euros in its German Center of Excellence for the above-mentioned films in Bomlitz, Lower Saxony, Germany....Read More>>
  • BASF to raise prices of some polyetheramines in North America
    Release on2022-04-09
    price of some polyetheramines in industry...Read More>>
  • Under the trend of
    Release on2022-04-01
    ...Read More>>
  • In the first two months, the profits of chemical raw materials and products manufacturing industry increased by 27.3% year-on-year
    Release on2022-03-29
    ...Read More>>
  • Huntsman partners with Keen to develop sneakers with bio-based polyurethane soles
    Release on2022-02-28
    polyurethane develop...Read More>>
  • PU Polyurethane Foam Self-Skinning Material Product Features
    Release on2022-01-27
    pu polyurethane self-skin foam...Read More>>
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