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BASF: Newly developed overmolded TPU for busbars provides more security for future traffic

BASF: Newly developed overmolded TPU for busbars provides more security for future traffic

pu world pu world 2022-05-09 09:21:21

● Newly developed overmolded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for busbars more resistant to thermal cycling due to optimized thermal linear expansion
● Material also has low processing temperature, low density and colorability

The transition of vehicles from internal combustion engines to electric powertrains is progressing. Efficient battery systems are key to the success of electric vehicles, as power is transferred from the charging components to the battery and from the battery to the electric motor. This is done by metal bus bars. The plastic cladding ensures electrical insulation of the busbars, thus ensuring safe distribution of high voltage currents. China PU factory

Optimized Thermal Linear Expansion

BASF is expanding its product portfolio by developing a new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for these busbar supports from its Elastollan® product range. Compared to standard engineering plastics, Elastollan® R 2600 FHF stands out due to its optimized thermal linear expansion. Its coefficient of linear thermal expansion is close to that of copper and similar conductor materials. This reduces the risk of cracks during temperature changes, thereby increasing safety standards. In addition, Elastollan® is halogen-free flame retardant and achieves a UL94 V-0 classification. china polyurethane products supplier

In addition to the main aspect of thermal linear expansion, TPU offers three compelling advantages over materials such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). It can be processed at lower temperatures, has a lower density, and because its primary color is white, it is easy to color even with brightly colored pigments.

Simulation to support customer's product design

In addition, BASF was able to simulate the design of the busbar support. Dr. Thomas Bayerl, E&E Segment Manager, Performance Materials at BASF, explains: "Like several other Elastollan® grades, the new Elastollan® can be simulated with our Ultrasim® tool. We use this tool to support our customers in their Component design. As a result, production steps can be saved and the full potential of the material can be exploited”. china pu head guard manufacturer

Due to its machinability, busbar supports made of Elastollan® help increase the mass production capacity of electric vehicles and become an important part of future mobility.