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Evonik launches sustainable bio-based liquid polybutadiene POLYVEST® eCO

Evonik launches sustainable bio-based liquid polybutadiene POLYVEST® eCO

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Through the EU ISCC certification (international sustainable development and carbon certification), the use of fossil raw materials has been reduced by 99.9%

• Physical and chemical properties are exactly the same as traditional petroleum-based products, which can be directly replaced by customers

• Used as raw material for adhesives and sealants or as a liquid rubber additive in tire production

Evonik launches POLYVEST® eCO, a new range of sustainable bio-based liquid polybutadiene products. This innovative product line uses sustainable butadiene in its production, reducing the use of fossil feedstocks by 99.9%.

"There is a growing demand for efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable products," said Dr. Jürgen Herwig, head of Evonik's POLYVEST® global business. "By developing POLYVEST® eCO, we want to support the transition to a circular and bioeconomy." Adoption The final product of POLYVEST® eCO is physicochemically identical to petroleum-based products.

Sara Liébana Vi?, Global Technical Marketing Director, Evonik Reactive Sealants "For the customer, the biggest advantage of the new product is that there is no need to adjust the existing formulation," says Dr. As. "It's almost the most convenient option for reducing CO2 emissions."

Evonik's POLYVEST® production facility in Marr, Germany received ISCC PLUS certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) earlier this year. This certification shows that the production process of the product is based on the mass balance method and verifies that the site operates in compliance with strict sustainable guidelines in terms of social responsibility, environmental standards and more.

POLYVEST® eCO can be used as a raw material for adhesives and sealants in the automotive, electronics, construction and other industries, and as a rubber additive in tire production