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Yizumi's polyurethane surface technology solutions set off a new way of playing in automotive interiors

Yizumi's polyurethane surface technology solutions set off a new way of playing in automotive interiors

pu world pu world 2022-05-23 09:06:19

In recent years, under the upsurge of replacing steel with plastic, the automotive industry is trying to find new processes and technologies to improve the appearance of automotive trims. The simple injection molding process can no longer meet the new demands for color, touch, and intelligence of automotive trim products. china polyurethane product manufacturer

Polyurethane (hereinafter referred to as: PU) is a new type of "smart" material, with its soft and hard, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, self-repairing and other characteristics, as well as free color matching, bright colors, and friendly to "smart inserts" It is used by more and more manufacturers in injection-molded products with decorative skins, high-quality topcoats or functional coatings.

In order to lead the trend and meet the new needs of customers, Yizumi cooperated with Chengdu Dongri Co., Ltd. to develop and launched the ReactPro polyurethane and injection molding integrated molding solution, that is, the injection molding base material and polyurethane skin are produced on the same set of equipment to meet the needs of more visual, tactile, functional and other requirements. china pu foam supplier

It is reported that Yizumi UN260C-BTP ReactPro multi-material injection molding machine integrates PU reaction molding equipment and is equipped with vertical turntable mold technology, which can realize rapid and precise molding, and efficiently produce various decorative products with 3D depth of field effect and surface texture.

In terms of processing performance, this model can realize the thin-layer and thick-layer PU filling molding process, the thick layer can reach 30mm, and the thin layer can reach 0.3mm. The surface of the regular-shaped plastic substrate is covered with a PU layer. The product surface prepared by this scheme can achieve richer and more delicate visual effects and tactile sensations. PU thin-layer parts are mostly used for decorative parts such as center consoles and operation panels, which can achieve visual effects such as highlighting, frosted or 3D depth of field, and have the characteristics of scratch resistance, aging resistance, fingerprint resistance, and self-repairing. PU thick layer parts can be used for car armrests and other trim parts, with strong aging resistance and weather resistance, and rich visual effects. china pu product customize factory

Compared with the traditional process, this solution integrates the injection molding machine and the polyurethane reaction molding equipment to form a one-step process, which greatly improves the production efficiency, shortens the processing cycle, reduces the production cost, and avoids environmental pollution, making it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For customers, UN260C-BTP ReactPro is a cost-effective and valuable solution, which has broad application prospects in the fields of automobiles, 3C, and home appliances.

Value advantage:

Integrated injection molding machine and polyurethane reaction molding equipment, one-step molding "injection + polyurethane" dual material, short cycle, high efficiency and low cost;

Equipped with turntable mold technology to achieve fast and accurate molding, it is a new exploration of ReactPro's one-step molding mold solution;

The production technology of 0.3mm polyurethane thin layer products can be realized, and the cost of raw materials can be saved under the condition of ensuring product performance;

It can realize various product effects such as 3D depth of field, multi-textured surface, high gloss, scratch resistance, self-healing, etc. It is flexible, intelligent and efficient;

Combined with the automatic system to complete the process of IML and post-processing, the above technology can be used to fit the film under the polyurethane thin layer, without affecting the aesthetics of the product surface, and obtain a multi-functional product.